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Hi there I am new to the forum and have a question about my Chameleon. I recently took on a female veiled as she was not we looked after by her previous owner. I have since cleaned the enclosure from top to bottom, replaced several decorations as they were covered in feces and smelled, and re-set the fountain. Temps are standard at between 85 degrees, eating gut loaded crickets and silk worms as treats.

As of late, she has taken to digging, and digging, and digging.... No clue why, she is alone in the enclosure. Any suggestions?

I have attached photos, they are a little old as she is no longer shedding...


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she has eggs i know nothing about this but you need to get her a laying bin damp sand i belive 6 or so inchs deep im sure youll get responses about this here quick also no fountains, but eggs are you issue right now. its important for her to be able to lay them
aslo welcome you came to the right place



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yep they will and i believe if they have ever been with a male they can save sperm and fertilize those eggs with that


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She needs the container of sand asap if she's digging already.

It should be opaque and at least 12" deep x 12" x 8" filled almost full of washed playsand. The best brand of sand IMHO is this one....

Failure to provide a place for her to lay the eggs can lead to eggbinding and death. When the female is digging its important not to let her see you watching her.

Here's how it should go....the female may dig more than one hole at first but should chose one in the end and dig it until she's satisfied for it. It can take a day or several days. When she's happy with it she should turn around butt down (usually in the evening) and lay her eggs. She should then fill in the hole and tamp it down and then return to the branches.

If she doesn't follow this or behaves differently than normal then post again.
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