New Ambilobe Male!


Hey guys,

I am new to the chameleon forums, but I am an experienced animal breeder who has recently purchased a new Ambilobe Male from Chameleon Company. It is arriving on Friday and I want to know if I'm missing anything.

I have a 18x18x36 cage for it with many levels of vines to regulate its body temperature. I have a 24-inch Reptisun 5.0 and a Zoomed Daytime bulb on top of the cage. I also have a humidity and temperature gauge. I use a Habba Misting System and plan on keeping a bare-bottom for easy cleaning. I will also have crickets dusted/fed with calcium supplement to feed it when it arrives. What else am I missing?

This is my first chameleon and I am very excited. Thanks!
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Sounds like you have a good start. Got digital temperature/humidity gauges? The hardware store has a nice indoor/outdoor one with a movable prob for only $20. You'll want to monitor the basking spot so it doesn't get too hot. Those Zoomed bulbs can be very powerful so you'll want to keep close tabs on the hottest parts of the cage.

There are 3 supplements you will want to be using. The main supplement is going to be a Calcium powder without D3, you will use that every feeding. The other 2 supplements will be used 2 times a month, they will be Calcium WITH D3 and a multi-vitamin. I use them on alternative Fridays for my chams. Payday is the multi-vi while the other 2 Fridays are the Cal w/ D3. Here is a pic of the 3 I use.

Here are some pictures. Sorry if they are not perfect I have to adjust the settings on the camera some more. Here is my 3-month old Ambilobe male panther chameleon from Chameleon Company. I have seen fire-red coloring in his beard/tail areas already. I hope he turns out to be a stunner like a lot of the chams on here.



looks like your off to a great start going to be nice watching this little dude start growing... take care and welcome
You make a good start getting a healthy cham form Jim. Now with more good care from you he will grow into a stunner for you.
Sounds like you're set. I purchased a female from Jim back in December and she is doing great. Yours and mine have the same Sire (Bonaroo).
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