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thanks again Andrew this guy is awesome. :D:D:D


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What a handsome boy! What's his name and how old is he?

Thanks jannb, his name is kobalt and he is about nine months old in my care for only three weeks, I just got him from bighutch917 from this forum. :D super excited about him. Super docile just and eats like a horse. :)
That looks like one big panther! He is beautiful too![/QUOTE

Thanks carol5208, yes he is a giant one of the bigger panthers I've seen. I haven't seen a ton, but I've seen enough. I going to weight him and post some pictures to try and scale his size. I wanna show him off, is that wrong? Lol :D
He's gorgeous!! Where is the guy in your avator pic from?

It's just a random pic. I was having the hardest time loading pictures. Know that I have them on here I'm going to change my avatar. As for where he came from not to sure it just a google image. I wish I knew though he's a screamer. Thanks for the kind words. :)
He's gorgeous!! Where is the guy in your avator pic from?

It's a random pic I got from google I believe it belongs to amazing blue reptiles. I'm going to change it to a chameleon I actually own. I had the hardest time loading pictures turns out they were to big. :)
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