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Meet Quentin quadricornis, he is still settling in, long story behind this Guy and his gal:)


Well now saw an ad for these chams near to me, the ad said pair of four horned chameleons and set up!! so i rang and arranged to go and see them, they wernt happy chams at all and i am being kind there. They were in an exo tank with a waterfall and 3 inches of sour vermiculite and compost on the floor, the female has extremely bad mouth rot, she has seen the vet today and is on antibiotics for 4 weeks if she lives that long bless her, needless to say i wasnt leaving without them so haggled the price down and brought them home.So keep your fingers crossed for the little lady she deserves better than she had i have named her Abbey:)
He is very beautiful indeed Karen, I thought Luke had sold you Winston for a minute!!! I hope the girl does o.k. I personally have two experiences with mouth rot, my Globifer girl died from it BUT my Rudis is still with us despite having part of his jaw removed (by surgery at the vet) last year!
Well done for rescuing them from an awful life Karen:)
Thanks Lisa. she has eaten today and has had some crtical care, she will never be pretty if she gets through this but i dont care about that, i will give her all the love and care she needs:)
my Rudis is still with us despite having part of his jaw removed (by surgery at the vet) last year!

I don't want to hijack this thread at all, but I am curious. What does the cham look like after the jaw surgery (do you have an pics), and what behavioural adjustments (if any) did it force the chameleon to make after the surgery?

To Karen... that's an absolutely beautiful male. I hope they both do well with you.
I dont have any photos of my Rudis chameleon since he went through surgery. He has adjusted to having the front part of his jaw removed just fine, i.e he still uses his tongue to 'shoot' his food and he still chews it sufficiently. This all happened September last year so he isn't much affected by his slight disability.
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