Never!! My chams roam freely LOL


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Im really considering just letting my my chams just roam free in my room. I mean its never below like 75 its clean and uncluttered and they love jus chillin out in the ficus in my room. Im not sure maybe ill jus make one giant enclosure and then just have them take shifts between sleeping in my room and the enclosure.haha just an idea


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Hmmm so we dont think its a good idea haha. the more i think about it the more i like it. the one cage i would keep i would also feed them in as well. not to mention the humidifier i have in my room would do them some good. and my room gets a lot of sunlight ... still thinking does any one think its a good idea


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Nice idea until you lay your head down after a long day of school or work or whatever on a huge fresh juicy Turd.... now not such a good one after all lol hahahaha


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I hang a pothos and a couple of vines in my room. Then, when I'm home, I open my cage and let my cham roam free for a couple of hours. You could try that. But make sure they pooped before you let them out.


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I used to let my iguana just live on a folding table with rock, lamp, bowl, and tub of water. He had free range of the whole house. But I would always find random surprises now and then and he would try to sleep in my bed under the pillows.
Are your chams "latrine oriented"? Many chameleons are. It's a term used for animals that "poop outside their camp", or at least poop in the same spot each day.

Guido is. He lives on a miniblind in a bay window in our home office. He now poops in the shower. But before that, he was latrine oriented, and always pooped exactly in the same place, within about a 12" range. We would just put double layer of paper towels on that spot, and replace the towels afterwards. He basically pooped at the same time each day, as well.

It was quite comical, actually. After he warmed up in the morning, he would travel down his miniblind, across his grapevine, onto an exoterra vine, and out to the "latrine". Do his business, wipe his butt on the exo-terra vine, and head back. THere was no way he was going to let that mess in his habitat.

Anyway, if your chams are latrine oriented, then free roaming should not be a big problem. Your greatest challenge may be keeping the cham hydrated. As for feeding, worms and crickets go in a TALL plastic cup that the crickets cannot escape from. The cup is hung in the same place each day, near a perch where you chams can sit and eat out of the cup.

ALSO: you may wish to chameleon-proof, as in baby-proof, the area. to me it seems that chameleons are very curious, and also that they will try to eat specks of things they come across that could be quite harmful. And they can't grasp smooth surfaces, so could fall off the edge of a bookcase, etc. A strip of masking tape along the edge of a smooth surface may help for gripping.
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Oh wow guys, i jus wung it and oh wow does it look good no lie. it literally streches like 8 feet of vines and what not sprawled across my room. yah the usually are latrine oriented ill but paper towels on places they hang out often but oh man is it cool
i have two of there cages still set up but there within the vine/jungle of my room. i also screwed there UVB's into my cieling so they aim at the whole wall its soooo pimp. Here look
Sorry for the crappy quality and glare its the only cam i have. and the cage has plastic on the outside to help keep it warm.Because i live in NH and its startin to get cold



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When I'm at home, I leave Clyde's cage door open. There's no easy way for him to get out of the cage, but I figure he gets used to the idea of there not being anything between him and me. For now he just sits on the vines, I can't get him to explore the vegetation. But he's still a youngin.


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... i also screwed there UVB's into my cieling so they aim at the whole wall its soooo pimp.
Your ceiling may be too high for a standard reptisun 5.0 to provide any benefit. You may need to make some adjustments to account for uvb.
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