neonate panther temperatures


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I will have a couple of neonate panthers needing homes in the next little while. I have bins setup for them with some sticks and fake plants as well as a used reptisun 5.0 uvb bulb.

My question is what temps are ideal for the neonates. What temps for basking if required at all, and what ambient temps are ideal?
I don't have any experience in breeding(yet) but i would say ambient temps should be 72-75 and basking temp should be 80-82. dont let it get too hot. And dont let it drop below 60 at night
For my baby panthers, I keep them at no hotter than 80F. Usually the flourescent bulb for the Reptisun is enough to reach that without a basking light. In the winter, I did use a clamp light but I was able to move it high above the bin so the temp still stayed around 77-80F. Be careful where you put your temp probe. Those little guys are escape artists if you give them something to climb on. I hook the temp probe on the top of the bin at the rim making sure they cannot reach it. If the temp goes a little above 80 dont panic. I mist often with a hand sprayer to bring the temps down. Babies should be misted 4-5 times a day at minimum with a fine mist and trying not to spray them directly. Hope this helps!
If you're worried about it being too hot, use a longer enclosure and keep a low watt heat lamp on one end so they can thermoregulate as they please.
Thanx for the responses much appreciated. My room has an ambient of about 70 so I will be brining it up closer to 80 for a basking spot.
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