needing something thats not toxic


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I need something thats not toxic to stain and seal wood. I would like to water proof it too.
I was going to paint it. but someone pointed out that could be toxic. so suggestion would be helpful. I had one suggestion would like more please.


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They are all toxic (some worse than others). is the solvent that is toxic for the most part if it isn't water soluble. You can paint, etc and then make absolutely sure it is baked on dry and you should be fine. I used that spray foam which has HIGHLY toxic isocyanates and then painted over it. However, I "baked" it is the hot sun for about a week to ensure that the volatiles and monomers where all gone. My profession is measuring toxic chemicals in the workplace and once dry, most of these are very inert. Stains may be a different story since they don't always dry completely and anything that stays oily should not be used. It has to dry COMPLETELY.
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