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I am going to be buying a chameleon or 2 within the next 6 months or so, and I do not know what to get....I have heard mixed messages and I need others' input....I was told that panthers are more aggressive than veileds, and vice this true? Also what would you guys suggest in buddy has a female veiled, very young and I was thinking of going that route...she is cute and very curious....possibly get into breeding in a year or so....i have researched for a few months on the taking care of, and set ups so I think I am okay there
welli have a vieled and he is 8 weeks old. in my honest opinion i like veiled as a first very calm and curious.
Panther and vieled chameleons are both very hardy. Vieled chameleons can be good for a first, because they aare cheaper and can teach you what you need to know for a bigger purchase. Panthers are absolutley ( on the average ) less agressive from theopinions i have seen. I personally started out with a panther, but a vieled may be better for a "getting to know this area" type of thing...chameleons in general can be tough. So i would suggest vieled. plainley because of cost, and the fact that they are very hardy...and still very fun!
well, im fairly familiar with the area....I mean I have researched a lot, and a couple friends have them and passed on knowledge...I just get confused when I read one thing about one and a contradictory statement somewhere else....what made you start out with a panther and not a veiled?
My Veiled... not so nice

I got my Veiled Chameleon about 2 months ago, and he is not exactly 'friendly'. I've been hoping he'd warm up to me, and give him the choice of getting on my hand when I put it in his cage, but RAWR!.... well HISS!
I was actually gonna start a thread asking anyone if they know how to handle Chameleons that aren't exactly 'happy'.
i started with a veiled cuz i heard they where hardy and well its my first and i didnt want a difficult one ..well more than they are u know. and i feel that with a veiled i learn as i go and they forgive a simple mistake. and also this site helps alot..
can you house 2 panthers m and f in the same cage......can you house 2 veilds m and f in the same cage....(if plenty of room) or will they fight......i have read mixed articles on the as well
yes I have received a lot of helpful info from this site, that is for sure....I don't know what I want.....the panthers' markings are awesome and bright...but the veilds are a cooler color and not so bright....or not as bright as the panther...
See I talked to a breeder from Georgia and he said he keeps his veilds paired up and the do just just hangs lower in the cage....but i read somewhere that panthers can be paired up.....but for sure never 2 of the same sex or they will fight
like i said according to what i read they shouldnt be put together.. and yea panthers are brighter but since it is your first i would go with a vieled
I personally enjoy panthers. Their colors are breath taking, and they are a litlle smaller than veilds. But between veileds and panthers, their care needs are very similar. So it mostly comes down to personal preferance, and how thick your wallet is.

Also, you can't house males and females together in the same cage. They will breed and the female will become gravid. While the female is gravid, she doesn't want be anywhere near the male, and will bite and hiss at him. And the male will continue to try to breed with her. This would make for two VERY stressed chameleons.

The only time they should be in the same cage is while they are breeding.
Depends on what you want out of your chameleons. I paid $400 for my ambanja panther but every cent was worth it. For babies, High quality Panthers are $300 ish. High qulity Veiled babies are $100 ish. Sub-adults will be about $25-$50 more. Once again, there are always different qualities.
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