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Hi Guy's,

My name is Jimmy van Sichem, i am from the Netherlands Antilles/ Curacao in the Caribbean.

I have been a member of his forum for almost 3 years now, you guy's have helped me with almost everything i needed to know on how to keep and care for a Chameleon, now still after 3 years i am still fighting to see if there is someone trustworthy that can help me so i could get the paperwork that i need and for shipping me a Baby Veiled Chameleon so i could keep, care and love it like you guy's love yours.

My idea is to care for a Chameleon here so i could get people to know there here where i live cause like everybody the people here are misinformed on what exactly is a Chameleon, i had some rough times with work and all that but now i'm settled and have time to keep and really care for a Chameleon.

I am now working on my own(Freelance) in a institute for blind people and i really want to give them like a show and tell about these exotic animals and to appreciate our wild live in the world, but not only to them but i want to try and give some info about these creatures at our zoo that we have here cause i'm a but disappointing about that to.

So i have done all my homework on it and here where i live i have checked if it's going to be a problem to import such a creature here and they have given me a ok on it so there is no problem to import them here but my only problem is that i don't have any connections there in the States for someone to help me with the paperwork.

From another Chameleon friend to another i would really appreciate it that there is someone on this forum that would want to help me on achieving this goal that i want to reach.

I have an outdoor cage already setup and am about to order a small or medium screen cage so i could feed my little friend and thanks to summoner12 i'm busy with a automated DIY misting system and to all the other members that helped me out with all the question and post that i posted i'm very great full for that to.

Is there someone that could help me out here, sorry for the long story but i really needed to let it out cause i ran out of resources here.

if some of you guy's just check out the treads that i have posted you will see that i'm very prepared for it.

Thanks for reading the long story and i'll be waiting on the reply's

Thanks in advance

Jimmy "Kecleon" van Sichem
I sent a reply to youur other thread...sorry
We have a soonest here that ships as their business. You might want to contact them.there is a site and contact info
If they can't help, they might know who can!
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