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I went to hand feed a silk worm to my Panther Chameleon this morning and he just stood on his branch looked at the worm wiggling and he just opened his mouth and under his chin he was showing some red colour, I thought he was going to bite me :eek: , he will be 4 months old on the 13th. So I just put the silkie on the branch. Will he get out of this stage? He's shy too. Is there another approach that I can use so that he's not afraid of me or trys to bite?:( I would appreciate any help I can get, I really would like to hold Hydro for a bit, I know they are not pets that you hold all the time but I just would like for him to get used to human hands in his cage.
Chams aren´t social animals so that he responded like that when you held up your hand towards him wasent strange. My cham hates me :) ... I dont think that you´ll ever get him to be that calm that you just can pick him up. I see he´s behaivior like he´s healthy.

But a tip when handfeeding is to stand behind your hand so the cham can watch you and the prey at the same time.
Most of my Panthers can be handled. They tend to accept your hand as they get older. THey basically will learn to recognize the person who feeds them. Your guy is still young and may not know you well enough. Also, keep in mind, your cham may be one that will never become comfortable being held. Regardless, the less handling; the better. They don't need the constant stress...
I was watching a show recently on the animal planet. It is called "The Most Extreme". The episode was the 10 animals with the biggest tempertantrum. Of course number 10 was the chameleon. Impressive color changes and an attitude to take on anything got it on the list. The episode was good if anyone ever catches this on a rerun.

I think this kind of tells you what kind of attitude you can expect. Hand feeding and time can diminish the aggressiveness with some chameleons at least.
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