Need some advice before health gets worse =(


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Chameleon Info:

* Your Chameleon - 2 years old about BB panther

* Handling - once a week during cleaning

* Feeding - crickets/superworms/silkworms/butterworms etc. got alot of everything
* Supplements - jurassi-cal everyday not with D3
* Watering - Mist 3 times daily, and dripper, he drinks every morning
* Fecal Description - normal poop, white urates, never been tested for parasites

Cage Info:

* Cage Type -260 gal reptarium, 6ft tall 29'' wide and deep
* Lighting - repti-sun 10.0 for the UVB, and 150 basking bulb
* Temperature - 85 degrees at the highest in baskin spot, about 75 ambient elsewhere, digital thermometer
* Humidity - 80-90 when misting, bout 50-60 in between misting
* Plants - Hibiscus, and fake plants
* Placement - in office, no vents etc. about 7 foot off ground, not alot of traffic
* Location - Northern Ohio

took him to the vent about 3 weeks ago, when i noticed he was being a bit lethargic, just seemed off, they said he was all fine, but now he seems to be gettin worse, got another vet scheduled for tomorrow morning, his eyes seem to be a tad bit puffy at times, sleeping at odd hours, and it sounds like hes snoring at night, kinda sounds like cat noises, puffs out his throat randomly through the day, just acting odd, it sounds like a URI to me, now im not too sure how reliable my vet is, but only one in my area with any kind of reptile experience at all. What should i ask about at the vet tomorrow, i want to get all this cleared up b4 it gets any worse, any suggestions at all would be helpful


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Sorry to hear that your cham is not doing well. I hope you have found a better vet this time. Ask the vet to do a culture and sensitivity test from the saliva that he can get from the very back of your cham mouth with a Q-tip. I would also recommend using calcium witout D3 twice a week, calcium with D3 and a mulit vit. such as Herptivite twice a month. Also how are you checking the temps?


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have all digitals to check temps and humidity, it is a diff vet but same place, even tried the link we have on here to look for a vet but no prevail, will do with the culture and sensitivity test, the vet said they dont really want to do a blood test on him for some reason so still kind of weary of them but need some kind of medical attention


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Finally got him to to vet today, couldnt take him yesterday, vet said its a URI, and hoping not a LRI, but that seems clear, got him on baytril and neomycin for his eye trouble hes been having, any pointers on how to apply the eye stuff? never had to do anything like it before

on a good note tho, he did put on 12 grams in a month, my little runt is finally gaining some weight


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What are you gut loading your feeders with? Do you offer any other supplements? How much time does he get in natural sunlight?
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