Need little help on what to do...


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Me again.
This one is about handling cham.
I'm not talking about grabbing him out of the cage everyday. But this little guy is hishing at me and all puffing up every time I put my hand in the cage for any reason, food, or water spray, or even little cleanup.
I don't know if I should continue go with that and ignore him and he will get used to that, or just live him along, and then...
Should I give him some time, this is his first week at my house out of the pet store.

Thanks all


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Well you can try and put a worm on your hand and see if he will go for it. Then he could start associating you as the good guy who brings food. Since he is brand new to you it may just be him getting used to you. Then again he may always do this. You cant predict this.
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Now that my 5 month old male Veil is reaching sexual maturity, he is getting a bit more hissy and will try and lash at my hand when try and get him out of his cage to hold him.
My remedy, I use a small dish towel rag to protect my hand and fingers when I take him out. He puts up a tiny bit of fuss when I use the dish rag but immediately once I take him out of his cage, he settles down immediately and shows his calm colors and his tail curls back up.

I do what Chameleon Tree said.

I place an empty hand in front of the one with the worm. He will get on the empty hand for a closer shoot. If I have to remove him from the cage I will slowly move my hand as he is chewing up the bug. Once outside of his territory he is not very defensive. Most of the time I just let him eat his bug and go back in when he wants too, usually a minute or two later. He is the only chameleon I have tried to do this with on a consistent basis. I can not tell if the hand feeding in this manner has helped or if he has a nicer personallity. He is very tolerant of me. I do not "handle" him I guess you would say but when I do maitainance to his cage he could care less about my presence most of the time.
my veileds always hiss and open their mouth and try to bite however it don't bother me because its normal for them.
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