need help with my female veiled.


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My female veiled is solid neon green and is the biggest sweetheart I have never seen her get any spots at all or even a darker green, when I mated my panthers things seemed a lot more obvious on when it was time to mate will I know when she is ready to be paired up with one of my males?? My male veiled is very very territorial when she is ready should I put him in her cage?? Also one thing I have never heard and was curious is it bad to breed and related male and female?
I would not breed a related couple. How old is she? Once mature she will become receptive and have Robin blue spots.
Sorry I took so long to answer.....yes she is around 7 months, approximatly how long will she have the blue spots so can breeding a related couple result in having problem babies???
I wouldn't mate her until she is full grown. I don't like to put the demands of laying fertile eggs on a chameleon that isn't done growing herself.

To mate them, I show the female to the male by holding her outside her cage so that they can see each other. I watch the reactions....if the female hisses, gapes, rocks back and forth, lunges at the male, holds a hand up near her chin, darkens the background color, etc. then she is not receptive and should be put back in her own cage. If she doesn't inflate her body, keeps low to the hand/branch, walks slowly away from the male...then she is receptive and can be put in with the male as long as he reacts receptively as well (doesn't gape, hiss, coil and uncoil the tail, etc.).

The female can be left in with the male until she starts to reject him.
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