need help with female chameleons

i have been working with chameleons for a little over 2 years. i seem to have a problem with my females after laying eggs the dont do well and die. the prolem i'm haveing is what can i do to change that. i lost my first female veiled after laying a clutch of 44eggs last november at the age 2 years. the next was recently when my female jackson gave birth to 12 live, 3 slugs, and 1 stillbirth. she died 2 days after giving birth and was eating that night. my veiled i think died from vitamin/calcuim defecieny becuase i had to hand feed her. now what i'm getting at is that i dust there cricket every meals with calcuim and once a week with herpvite. what else should i do to help my next females with egglaying
If you are supplying the correct vitamins and calcium, then there may be a possibility it is to do with the lighting. After and before laying are crucial times to have good laying for females.

Possibly impaction from overfeeding after laying. I guess I'm just sprouting out thoughts since I haven't any details to go on.

This is something where you have to go over your entire husbandy to solve, and then in addition your detailed practices with how you care for gravid females. Survival is determined on preparation for birthing and the recovery.
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