Need help with eye issue, pics included


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First....Thanks for taking the time to read!! :D
Chameleon Info:

* Your Chameleon - 10 month old ambilobe male son of Oh-My at krammerflage
* Handling - once a week when i clean the enclosure?
* Feeding - free range crickets, gutloaded usually with exo terra gutload, twice a week 15 at a time. horned worms 1-2 ever other day, butterworms once every 2 weeks, about 10 of them.
* Supplements - reptical phos free w/o d3. reptical herptivite, and Mineral-all, supplamenting exactly as instructed by liddy at krammerflage
* Watering - He gets three mistings daily about five minutes each time with about a liter of water each time, dripper running every third day or so to aid in hydration?
* Fecal Description - poo looks good, dark brown peanut size, white urates. just had a fecal done at vet will have results back soon but im fairly certain they will come back clean
* History - Bison has been doing great since day one. other than this eye issue.

Cage Info:

* Cage Type - 24x24x48
* Lighting - 5.0 uvb always updated. 100 watt for heat. no nite lites?
* Temperature - digital thermometer reads ambient at 80. basking at 100 and floor at 72. all on timers and set as per liddies instruction, followed to the letter.
* Humidity - havent checked in a while, will have to pick up a new gauge, old one broke
* Plants - all natural plant life. 1 large schafflera, 3 long pothos
* Placement - cage is not near any windows or doors, the room is a little busier than i would like but Bison doesnt mind the movement too much
* Location - Long Island, NY

Current Problem - Bison has had an issue with his left eye as long as i can remember. he appeared to have a little extra flap or wrinkle of skin on the underside of the turret. he functioned totally normally. it never affected his vision, eating, or drinking habits. i spoke to liddy at chameleons only (where i got him) she spoke of some harmless fluid that can develop occasionally in there and can be worked out by bubbling is eye or it can be drawn out by a vet.
so i let some time pass to see how things progressed, weeks and months harm, no foul. Now all of the sudden i see his pupil in that eye is very constricted and he is closing the eye more than usual. it is slightly sunken. I put three pics to discribe his behavior. first is the eye in question, second is the right eye to compare and the third is him day earlier, showin good color behaving normally. His color in the close up are dark because i had him in a beam of sunlght to capture the pupils. colors on the turrets are normally redish.
So, I did take him to the vet, I was not surprised when the vet didn’t know much about chameleons. She kept making iguana references and had little knowledge about this type of eye issue. She did a flush and gave me saline drops to administer twice daily. She said that the extra skin was from the eye being sunken. But the extra skin is present even if the eye is functioning normally. I know, Even when eyes are sunken a bit the skin doesn’t usually remain on the outside of the turret….so I don’t believe she can help me with this issue. I have stool in at the lab to check for infection or any other issues. Those results will be back by the end of the week.
The issue that concerns me most and the reason for the vet visit is because he is now closing his eye more than normal and is not really eating over the last three days. I think you pros might be the best to help me here. Please let me know what you think.
Thanks alot


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im at work so i just gave a quick read but i would deff get the humidty in check new meter asap. as well 100 seems alittle hot.i


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I have a Kammerflage cham also! You may get some flack on your basking temp and ambient is a little high and I know their supplementing is different than most do on the forum. I had the 100 watt basking bulb also, but ended up changing it out cause my cham was gaping like he was too hot. I mean, you gotta figure Liddy knows what she is doing!! I don't think that has anything to do with the eye issue. Wish I could help on that. Maybe you could change up your gutload with some fresh fruits and vegetables? All your husbandry seems ok to me except the basking temp being contradictory to what others on here have their chams bask at. I hope you get to the bottom of it. It must be frustrating when even a vet cannot give you the right answer. Good luck to you!
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