Need help with Drainage/Glass bottome


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Hey guys!

I've did a search and looked at what other people have done with the same problem. I see all kind of ideas. Some have knocked out the bottom glass panel and put a plastic storage bin underneath to catch the excess water. I'm having a problem with excess water at the bottom and if I want to get a MistKing, I have to deal with this drainage problem.

So I would like to know, what have you done or hear people doing for drainage with a glass bottom.


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You'll find a glass bottom cage most impractical. You could drill holes with a diamond tip glass drill, but the glass is still flat so water will pool. You could do any number of things, but I suggest the time and effort will not be worth it.
Save and buy a screened cage would be a much simpler solution. :)


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I agree with Jo, if it's going to be a big problem it's going to be a big problem because you are limited on what you can do with glass cages.
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