Need help with “Chameleon sitting” in Baltimore Maryland! Please!

I am in need of someone to help care for my 6 month old Panther chameleon Lloyd. I unexpectedly have to go away for about a week for a medical treatment I’m in need of. I don’t have family and none of my friends know how to take care of him properly. I am in Baltimore Maryland and would just need help with feeding in the morning and making sure he looks healthy. I have automatic lights and I am going to get an automatic mister for this situation. I can pay whoever is able to help, but because I will be out of work for some time, my finances are pretty tight.
If anyone is willing or knows anyone who has experience caring for chameleons please send them my way! I want my guy to be taken care of while I have to be away. ?


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Gotcha, well maybe you can put a big tub at the bottom with loads of feeders to hold him over(if you dont manage to find a sitter)?


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I feed my crew once a week, they are fine(they might get a snack during the week if they are up when i am home). It might seem a bit heartless, but a hydrating system of your choice and a good meal will last quite some time unsupervised.
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