Need Help! Small superworms pls!


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I am in the New England Area, East of the U.S. and I can't seem to find any reliable site or place to get 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch superworms for my chameleon. I'd even take 3/4" to a 1" batch. They seem to be sold out on a lot of sites. And many other sites I'm not sure which to trust or which are reliable to deliver them in a condition that will have a majority of them delivered alive and well! All that my veiled chameleon wants to eat right now is mealworms and an occasional 1 or 2 large crickets. But I know mealworms can caus stomach problems with the exo-skeleton I'm told. She doesnt care for dubia roaches neither nor fruits or veggies. I was told to try feeding superworms and waxworms instead of mealworms. I was also told to try to feed the worms green veggies as well.


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Welcome to The Forums. I’ve gotten small supers from Joe’s Bugz in the past, and when they’re available, they been healthy and appropriately sized. but they’re sometimes out 😕
Mealworms can be used , but shouldn’t make up the bulk of your veiled’s diet. Here’s some suggestions on good choices for your Cham.

Again mealworms are fine, but don’t have anything as your daily bug. I love silkworms, and so do most chameleons. Flying insects definitely drive Chams nuts. Black soldier flies, green/blue bottle flies, house flies, and moths are great feeders to add to their diet.

feeding your feeders a varied nutritious diet is essential to your Chams health. Your mealworms, supers, crickets, roaches, etc will definitely be healthier foods if they eat healthy foods. For some guidance on what to feed your bugs, use this


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@DocZ Thanks so much!! Those charts were SO helpful! I'm gonna look into silkworms next and see where I can get them! I was told the waxworms turn into moths as well hence why I shall also be getting those!


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@Snuits Thanks! I'll look into it right now! When I last checked tho, they only sold medium superworms at 1 in a half inch, but I'll double check! Thanks for the code! Super helpful!


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Hello. sell them. For super cheap too. & they are amazing.

15% off this month too with the spook code too. Look on their website. :)
Good luck♡
Seconding this! I’ve been purchasing from almost exclusively for a while because I personally feel they offer more variety, but has the best quality BSFL I’ve bought so far.
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