Need help, first pregnancy (i think)


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Okay, so Princess, my female panther, definitely has some eggs in here. I felt her belly today and there are definite lumps in there. I have never felt a prego cham, but i have felt eggs in snakes and I'd imagine the feeling is close to the same :confused:

right now she is in a 24x24x24 with two ficus's, a some biovine walkways and a 12w 8l 10d washed sand laying bin. I dug a few tunnels in it over the weekend to know about keeping up moisture and everything and it all seems good.

Im scared of doing this wrong as this would be my first cham clutch. Pythosn arent picky about where they lay their eggs they just kinda shoot them out lol.

And just so everyone knows, I did not breed this girl. I bought her 2 weeks ago and the dude i bought her from had thrown his male in with her (says it was a dr g male :D ) but hadnt seen any copulation and didnt think she was prego. But she is def colored up pretty and has some good lumps.

Does all this sound okay? I have an incubator set and ready to go making some trial runs keeping temps/humidity where they should be. Ive got hatchrite (sp?) and some other bag of stuff. Im just kind of panicking because i originally bought her cuz i wanted a nosy be to put with my Lucifer male down the road once he was mature enough, but i was goign to do TONS or research before then lol
sounds good to me. just make sure that you leave her alone while she lays. is this her first fertile clutch or first clutch ever? how old is she? I used a 5 gallon bucket 3/4 full of washed play sand. when you dug holes did you just cover them right back up or left them? If you left them cover them back up and put a stick leading to the sand. She will know what to do when the time is right. you will see test holes, when she is finished laying you will see a buried hole and she will look skinnier.
He said she was roughly a year old, but she looks big for a year old female. This will be her first clutch ever as he had her since she was 4 months old. I wish i had the room to give her that much room for a lay bin but i just dont unless i swapped her into my males cage, but he is moody and bitey and i doubt would take well to the change in scenery.

Maybe if i cut a hole in the side of the bucket and put it in there next to her walkways she would use it? I know i have to leave her alone. I covered my holes with dirt again so its smooth/natural looking for her
You can always go to walmart and get a trash can the kind you put on the curb and make that her laying bin. you can cut a hole in lid and put screen (for a door) on top of it and put her lights on it. Also you can put a few branches and some fake vines and put her in there when she is wanting to lay.

Also you can make a small laying bin, for a test bin and when she starts to dig move her into the big trash can.
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