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What am I doing wrong??? :confused:

It now has been about three weeks since my Ambilobe cham's last shed and there is still skin on both eye turrets. They look really crusty (not the eye, just the turret). I know it's unshed skin because his last shed was also problematic but eventually the skin came off (it was far less severe though). A week ago I bought a good cool/warm ultrasonic humidifier and I've kept humidity at ~75% since. I can't really tell if there is improvement (maybe a little). I don't think he is dehydrated because I see him drinking regularly from pro mist, dripper and his urates look ok. I can't say for sure if his eyes look sunken in, but I think the "constricting" skin is affecting how his eye turrets look in general.

Do I need to intervene? Has anyone had this problem.

I have a sensitive cham and I'm afraid if I handle him it will stress him. I've been struggling with his health since shortly after I brought him home (6/10/06); he is 11 months old.

I'm guessing he'll shed again within the next couple weeks and I'm hoping if I have the humidity and hydration appropriate the next time he will shed better?
If there is a new shed will the new layer of dead skin allow the problem areas to come off???

My temps are ~90 degrees in basking area and also appropriate gradients in the cage; at night it drops 10 or so degrees.

I've read the other threads on shedding, but I didn't see anything that seemed as drastic as the eye turret problem I have. I'm hoping that I'm not misinterpreting this skin condition. I don't think it is an eye infection.
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Eye Shed Problem Corrected

My cham's eyes "orbits" are doing much better. :) Before the improvement things were looking pretty bad; the eye orbits looked grayish/crusty/salty (not the eye itself). With all the old caked on skin it may have made it harder for him to move his eyes and maybe even keep them open. I think it was really stressing him.

I bought an ultrasonic humidifier and raised humidity to ~65-70% (it originally averaged ~50-55%). I also added an ExoTerra vine. I only had bamboo and plastic plants originally and I don't think there were enough "rough" spots available in the cage to aid in shedding. (Having a rough object in the cage is a good tip.)

After about a week of raising the humidity he begin to rub the heck out of his eyes on the ExoTerra vine. He then began to start a new shed. After about another week he got all the old unshed skin off his eyes (they look great), but this time he still has a little left on his sides (it is coming off slowly).

Now his eyes are fine and he seems much healthier. He has actually started eating and drinking more. This is good because he is now getting the proper vitamin/mineral supplimentation and is also gaining back some of the weight he lost. He is finally starting to thrive. I think in another month he'll be looking awesome. :D I posted a picture of him in the gallery if you're interested in seeing what he looks like (his name is "Turbo").
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