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Hi im new to the Chameleon forums and i need your guys help on my chameleon enclosure here are my problems...
1. i cant get the humidity high enough to the proper %
2. i cant find a way to hang my pothos plant inside my cage. can i hydrate my chameleon other than spraying and the dripper(Ive tried the shower but non of my shower heads get close enough to hit the wall and i dont wana spray directly)

I have a panther chameleon hes about a year old i have live pothos in there vines from side to side,up and down.


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I would suggest to simply ad a ficus or umbrella tree to fill 2/3 of the cage, your chameleon will love it and it would help with humidity! You could also adjust your photos with wire through the screen. You could use a misting System to mist your cage and set it to mist as long and often as needed, i for example added exo terra backgrounds to one side of my Reptibreeze so I don't accidently mist my wall.
First off, welcome to the forums!

1. If you are having trouble with humidity (panthers only need around 50%) then you could loosely tape shower liner to the outside on a few sides of the cage. If at least the top and front are open you'll still have good airflow and it will help trap humidity.

2. Get a wooden dowel a little longer than your cage is wide then put that on the top of the cage. Loop wire from the inside of the cage up and around the dowel on the outside to hang the pot. Then the weight won't be on the screen itself, it will be on the thick dowel evenly distributed across the top of the cage.

3. You can try a misting system like the MistKing
thanks for the fast replies guys.

pretty much get a thick wooden stick and wrap the pothos to the top of the cage
and get some shower curtain and tape it to the sides.

Thank you guys!
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