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Hey friends! I'm a first time chameleon owner and I should be getting my male panther next week (3-4 months old), if the weather cooperates. I live Northern Michigan... you never know what's going to happen! A few days ago it was 60 degrees and sunny, today we got over a foot of snow!! :( Anyways, I've spent months looking at chameleon cage setups and I finally put mine together today.. I took a picture in hopes you guys could give me some feedback! I don't have any of the chameleons lights setup yet, just some lights for the plants. But I plan on having the basking light on the right hand side, where I have some branches exposed.. oh, and I haven't put any river rocks in one of the plants yet. I bought some bio-vine but not sure if Im gonna use it... All right, well check it out and let me know what ya think! :)



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What do i think? it's not finished yet so I think you should finish it first. Make sure you have all of your basking temps and ambient temps all set right before you order him. Also, humidity, water, drainage, cup feeding location, feeders, calcium supplements, gutloading fruits and veggies. You have a good start but you still have lots of work left to do if your going to have a successful time. Glad your here on the forums and we are here to help but you have a bunch of things left on your checklist to complete.
For what you have so far it looks good. You have some nice walkways with the branches, and lots of good cover for him to hide out and feel secure. As Movie said, just make sure you have all your supplies before you get your cham. Good luck and be sure and post some pics when your cham arrives!!! One other thing, I know you have a croton in there. Did you research if that is safe for chams?
If your getting a male panther your going to need to get a larger enclosure at some point. They grow fast!!!!
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