Need Cage Advice


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So I've wanted a cham all of my life and have finally come to purchasing one but first I need a cage setup.

I am a college student and do not have a ton of money to throw around. The cages I've seen at local stores have been like these: They all seem to run $60 just for the enclosure alone. Then adding plants, drip/mist setup, lights, etc. the cost just seems to keep escalating.

I do not want to take on the responsibility of owning a cham if I can not properly provide for it. I was thinking about building a cage but once looking over the costs, it doesn't seem to save much money at all. Do you guys have any ideas for housing a 5 week old veiled cham. that I plan to keep until its death? I've owned a leopard gecko for over 10 years ago and have provided for her excellently but I really want a cham.

I was in the same situation earlier this year, where i was living in a dorm, totally broke and someone gave me a chameleon as a gift. But i've made do. It can definitely be done. The reptariums are a great deal for the size you get.
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