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So, I know Crested Gecko eggs do not need to be incubated as they can be hatched at room temps. I TOTALLY forgot about needing one for my Tarantulas! I have someone who has both a MM G. rosea and MM A. versicolor for both my girls. I am broke (of course) and am not able to get an incubator... Anyone have an extra one or one not being used at the moment I can borrow? I would be willing to give you a few slings from my sacs. I am in San Diego and would be more than happy to pick it up. :D
You can make one with a foot of heat tape if you can't find one for free. You might even be able to find a heating pad/ heat tape on craigslist!
My home-made incubator consists of a human heating pad (the kind with 3 settings that don't shut off automatically and not come back on). I built a wooden frame of 2" x 2" wood to fit over the heating pad and screened the top of the frame so I could set the containers of eggs on top of that. The frame can be raised to get the temperature right by using shims. I put the whole setup in a dark place.

I have hatched loads of chameleons, coneheads, water dragons, turtles, lots of different geckos, etc. using this setup.
I hatched leo eggs in this one. All you need is a styrofoam cooler, the glass from a pic frame, and a lamp kit from lowes
Sometimes you can get coolers that fish arrive in at pet stores free of charge. They are about the size and style of the one pictured above. A heating pad placed beneath and something inside the cooler to elevate the eggs from sitting directly on the bottom can work as a cheap last resort. You'd want to monitor the temp inside for a day or two of course before you put anything inside to make sure it's not too hot. I just built a 18"x18"x36" wooden incubator lined with styrofoam sheets inside. I went to a farm supply store and bought a thermostat switch for bird incubators for about $25, and it works really well. It only flucuates a couple of tenths of a degree. Styrofoam is a good insulator, and a cooler would suffice what your needing as far as capacity.
IMHO...its important to have a couple of inches of space between the heating pad and the eggs.....or from any heat source and the eggs for that matter.
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