Need advice, my Jackson’s is acting strange


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Today has been a stressful day for my little Jackson’s. I left for about 4 hours today to come home and find his heat light out so I thought that was the problem. I went to Walmart and could only find halogen bulbs so I bought a pack and came home to find it wasn’t the bulb, but the fixture it was in was the problem so off to petco I go. They replaced it with a new fixture. I turned his lights on and he was asleep. I evidently woke him up and ever since he has been marching back and forth under his lights and he keeps trying to go upside down under his lights but he can’t because I had lowered his basking branch for his own protection. He’s a very dark color as well that tells me he’s stressed. It’s now getting dark and he still hasn’t settled down. Should I just turn his lights out to encourage him to go to sleep?


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He’s still roaming but I turned his lights out. My worry is that he hasn’t had a basking light all day. He looks pretty unhappy.


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This little guy is a rescue. I couldn’t leave him at petco in the conditions he was being kept in. I don’t know how old he is. He has a pattern of light green and dark green most of the time. His first night home he turned a pale green when he went to sleep for the night but the last 3 nights he’s stayed that light/ dark green pattern even in sleep. I adopted him last Friday evening.


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One day without basking shouldn't be an issue as there are rainy days in the wild. I can't explain the increased activity unless the new bulbs have made the cage too hot and he's seeking a way out. You will have to see how he is tomorrow. Check the temperatures when the lights are on for a bit tomorrow.
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