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I have little nats in my chams cage all of a sudden i think they coming from the dirt in the pot. Anyone else have this issue? any suggestions? or do i live with nats?
These are things i do and have worked for me to get rid of these annoying creatures.

.Clean off the roots of the plants.
.Repot the plant in Organic Soil
.Try not to have the dirt wet a lot.
.Mix some sand with the dirt.
.Cover the dirt so your chameleon cant eat it.
Unless they're a hatchling gnats are usually too small for any bigger cham to target. My pygs don't even care when they see gnats so if they don't want them I doubt anything bigger would!
I was just wondering because I have a 4 week old veiled and sometimes gnats get in my house. If they can eat them, then I shall catch them when they get in my house!
i had the same problem in my gecko cages...
use a little bit of dish soap mixed in with water and put it directly into the plants dirt.
usually takes a day or two to take effect. the current ones will remain until they die, but the eggs and larvae in the dirt will not hatch and or die.

you might have to do it a few times but it works. and it does not harm the plants.
i been gnat free for 3.5 months :)
I have rocks on top of my dirt can i just pour the water and soap on the rocks? Or do i need to move the rocks and then pour the water? And this wont harm my cham? Is there a dish soap you recommend?
I just mixed some water with Dawn and poured it on top of the rocks in the plants pot is this ok? is it going to harm my cham? please any response?
sorry i havent bee on in a bit..
it should be ok. i ussually wash off any excess soap on any rocks or dirt just in case..

i use a spray bottle so it foams up a bit. then i rinse the bottle well and put fresh water and respray so the soap isnt on the surface..
if you have rocks it should not be a big deal. just rinse the top of the rocks with fresh water ant the gnats should go away..

i did it in my gecko terraniums with them in it and they do ok..
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