Namaqua Chameleons


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Hi, did anyone see that cable broadcast on the chameleons of the Namib desert? I was floored :eek: when I learned that some of them eat up to 200 beetles (don't know the size) per day. Totally Amazing!
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I missed it. What cable company broadcasted the show (discovery, national geographic, etc)? Sounds very interesting. Thanks for the post.
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I have seen descriptions of those chameleons before, and even spent a fruitless afternoon looking for someone who sold these chameleons. I couldn't find anyone at all, so it is possible they aren't being imported. They are allowed, CITES appendix II, but their habitat is rugged and not very accessible. Hopefully, someone will consider importing some in the future. They would do very well in my area. Neat animals, I will have to watch the program when it comes on again.

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