My Very Mean Veiled


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This guy will come to the edge of his cage and even try to get close to me just to hiss and maybe even attack(unless I have food)! HE's huge! And Mean! But get this, He eats out of my hand, drinks out of the end of the mister if I put it to his mouth and sometimes when he's in the right mood, I can hold him and pet him and even touch his mouth with my bare fingers. Other times, I'm afraid that he'll rip through the screen and kill me in my sleep!!! When He's upset, I swear he glows in the dark!

Poor guy though. He has a shed build up that is finally going to fall off on the top of his head, he lets me saturate it a few times a day with a mister. I've only had him for about 6 months and it was there when I got him. Now I'm glad to see him shedding it off.


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He sure is good looking. If you have only had him for 6mo it is possible he was tormented before you got him.


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i had a veiled that would do the same thing. it would only tolerate you if you had something it wanted. very inconsiderate ahaha
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