my veileds really starting to get colorful...


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Do veiled chameleons get more colorful as they grow? When I first got Steve, he pretty much stayed a very nice shade of lime green. well, except when I was misting the cage. then he would turn a deep brown and hide.

Today, he ate about a half dozen crickets, drank some water and started lounging on his favorite perch. once he settled down he got these stunning dark green patches, with black borders, and almost a glowing white stripe down his side. it was amazing.

is this because he is getting more comfortable, or do they just get more colorful as they get older?


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It is good to read your chameleon is doing well. Chameleons will develop more color as they mature.


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how old is ur vieled? Mine is about 6 months and she stays lime green all the time? Should I expect her to start changing colours as she get's older?


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sorry zinc, *males.

females tend to stay rather dull in colors.

and when your cham is basking, he turns dark colors so that he can absorb the heat, once she stops basking and cools off, he will become brighter again.

and once he gets older, he will really flare up in color


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They get full color brightest when they get about a year. Females seem to only show their colors when aggravated, or when they are egg bound. If you want to see good colors start taking him outside some. If weather and the temperatures permit. A couple hours outside a couple days a week makes their colors just glow and it is very good for them.


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Jordan said:
Females seem to only show their colors when aggravated, or when they are egg bound.

I think you mean gravid or receptive, not egg bound. Egg binding doesn't have a specific display color, whereas receptivity and gravidness (is that a word?) are moods that can be communicated through color. I think that female veiled's can be very pretty if you catch them in the right mood.

This is a receptive female:
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