My veileds new cage, pic heavy!


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Ok I've been talking about it, and here it finally is. Chaca's new cage!! The cage is 30/30/48 putting the top 8 ft off the ground. (we have 9 ft ceilings). He took to it like a fish to water. Not one day of stress.:cool:


Getting ready to stain the cage and the vorax stand.

My weapon of choice

Mad scientist at work

Drying cage components

Finished product

I used some nice looking window latches, but found out that they don't work if the door can move even the littlest bit. Simple fix was to drill a hole through the door frame and into the cage frame and insert an Allan wrench when the door is closed. It locks up super tight now.

The bottom drain pan slides out for easy cleaning

Plastic hardware cloth is used to keep Chaca out of the drain pan. It also allows poop and such to fall down there. Well sept that one piece I didn't see until looking at this pic lol

The plants, 2 ferns, 1 ficus, 1 Hibiscus Coccineus. I need to replace the fern in the back. They don't take to transplanting to a pot very well. I dug them up out of the wetland woods behind my house.

And finally just for fun. This is a panoramic of what I get to look at wile watching TV. :D

I built everything in this pic. Well everything besides the TV and the Exo-Terra.

Needless to say, I've been quite busy these last 2 weeks. Hardly a day has gone by that I wasn't building or staining something. The TV just got mounted today.


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Thanks guys.

Yes it's a log house. All the walls in this house that are not log are plywood, including the ceilings. I'm so sick of wood. It's why I paint/stain everything black. lol


lol i just built my veiled a new cage, not done yet, but my cage is only 36x25x48. what did you use for the pan at the bottom :). i havent got to that part yet. :D.

it looks amazing though.


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Thanks again. I spent a few hrs on this. Would have been just one day if not for the staining. Paint is so much faster.:rolleyes:

what did you use for the pan at the bottom

It's left over melamine board that I had from doing my Melleri cage. It's water proof and light weight. I did have to seal the drain holes with clear coat because drilling it opens the thin fiber board to moisture, and that would be bad.

You can see the large version of what I did with this board here. Melleri cage

Now both cages match. :D

edit to brag: I built this all in my head. Pencil didn't hit paper once. It think I'm getting good at doing that.


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LOL! I held up one of my chams to look at your pics for fun, "Wouldn't you like a house like that?"- and she just puffed and gave this death look like: "What the Heck?! Why doesn't my house look like that?!:mad:" Lol, so funny. You did an awesome job!

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