My Veiled have been walking on ground quite often...


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Hey, i have 7 months old male veiled chameleon and i have suprised him many times walking on ground of his enclosure. Is this normal? Im not sure that he drops there becouse i havent seen him drop and hes moving very good in trees inside his enclosure. Hes eating well and havent shown mutch of a stress but i just consern that some thing wrong whit him? I just might be over reacting but just want to be sure that hes just adventuring hes ne enivoirment. Thanks for your help.
How often?

My male veileds have all did this. They usually are just making the rounds. Looking for food, inspecting their territory...etc... It is usually just one quick pass from one side to the other side.

Now it is possible that some problems exhist with your set-up which is forcing him to try and find a way out to look for a better enviroment. Maybe posting a little more about your set-up will rule out whether it is normal or if there is something that needs to be changed.
Wll allways when he visits the bottom of enclosure there appears to be poo. :D But he dosent spent time there he just visits and head back to the top.
You havent had your cham for that long, maybe he is checking out his new cage. In the long run it isn´t good though. But for now I don´t think you have to worrie.

But it still could be good if you posted a pic of your setup!
Agreed as well; he is just getting to know his home. Tho make sure he has a few sticks at the bottom which he can use to get back into the tree.
I think its looks good. But I would take out the lecas on the ground of the cage. And I also have a question, is the plasticbox on the ground a feedingbowl or a box to gather water from a dripper? If its a feedingbowl change it to one that isn´t transparent.

And its hard to see if you have vines or braches that is horisontal. I think that would be good so he easily can go from the ficus to the dracena. And how stabile is the ropes?

Is he still walking around on the ground?

To sum up. Overall I think its looks good!
The box on the floor is gatherer for dripping water :D He have feeder box about half way to the top. Yes there are also horisontal vines from ficus to draceana, i have lots of ropes in there. :p I think he have stopped those "walks" on floor, or atleast i havent seen it and there are no signs such were there last time. And thanks for your help. :D
Glad to hear that he isn't "walking" on the floor anymore. Nice looking cage, lots of foliage, nice ficus and dracaena :) I am no expert but what you may want to think about separating your UVB and your basking lamp making two basking areas. I say this because chameleons can thermoregulate meaning they will self regulate their body temperatures. If you have your basking lamp and your UVB too close your chameleon may overdose on UVB (I think it is fairly rare), but there is a higher riske if you are using fluorescent tubes above 5.0 because they have been shown to have irregularities in microwatts per square centimeter (uW/cm2).
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