My Trioceros Family

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jack29, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. jack29

    jack29 Member

    Hello everybody!!
    I'll present my family of chams.. share your opinions and ask questions if you'll have!! I want to know your opinion about the ssp of my Quads because i bought them like Q. Gracilior but i'm not sure..
    New arrive.. Trioceros Quadricornis male WC
    Detail of his head
    New arrive.. Trioceros Quadricornis female WC
    Trioceros Montium male cb (with me from june)
    Trioceros Sternfeldi male from farm (with me from a year)
    Trioceros Sternfeldi female from farm (with me from a year)

    ps: sorry for the quality of pics but i'm a bad photographer!!
  2. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    What beautiful little cham you have!!!!:)
  3. celine

    celine New Member

    it seem to be a Quad.Quad....
  4. adamkwas

    adamkwas Member

    Stunning chams!

  5. ciafardo 4

    ciafardo 4 New Member

    Very nice sternfeldi really bright.
  6. nightcrawler

    nightcrawler Established Member

    Great collection of Trioceros. I really like them all, especially the quads. They are my favorite cham.
  7. tkilgour

    tkilgour Member

    I really like your triceros collection. I have never had any of these and I really like your montium and sternfeldi. Really cool.
  8. Montium

    Montium New Member

    That's a very nice collection, thank you for sharing them.
  9. jack29

    jack29 Member

    A little update of this post just to say that my new pair of T. Quadricornis are doing well and are living together without any problems!! At the beginning i didn't think they could live together so peacefully!! i love them!! A little photo to you.. enjoy!!
  10. nightcrawler

    nightcrawler Established Member

    What size enclosure are they living together in? Im glad they are living together fine.
  11. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    Lovely quads, I have 2 and an addicted to them. Waiting for eggs to hatch in 6 weeks or so. Congrats on your great family.
  12. jack29

    jack29 Member

    They are in a 130(h)x80x80cm enclosure right now.. with lots of plants!! and until now they ignore each other.. but i hope not forever!! i want lots of little eggs like you laurie in the future!!
  13. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    If you were closer I would share.:)
  14. jack29

    jack29 Member

    I noticed that from some days the final part of the throat of my male Quadricornis is a bit swollen.. talking with other italian keepers they said to me that could be a problem of integrations and he advised me to stop the integration of calcium and d3 for some times to see if the situation will return normal.. did someone have similar problems?? and how they resolve the situation?? i link a photo of the swollen throat..
    And this it's an updated pics of my Montium male.. the first that I can make him awake.. now if i'm a bit lucky i will find a female at the Hamm show of next saturday!! let's hope!!
  15. samthecham

    samthecham New Member

    Nice collection you have there.
  16. nightcrawler

    nightcrawler Established Member

    Oh man. Look at that tall sail. Nice beautiful blue too.
    Man you make it really hard for me not to go out and buy on of each of these chams now. Stupid school, and interning delaying my Trioceros family.
    Very nice, now more pictures.
  17. jack29

    jack29 Member

    Hamm show was last week so i can update this post now!! unfortunately i lost my sternfeldi female some week ago and i didn't find a female to replace her in the fair; but i took a pair of young T. montium that are so cool!! here we are some pics of my trioceros.. i hope you like them, but next weekend i could make some better shots with my friend's great digital camera!! ;)
    T. sternfeldi male with a little problem at his mouth that i wll check with my vet as soon as possible..
    T. quadricornis male
    T. quadricornis female probably gravid (finger crossed!!!)
    T. montium male adult
    T. montium male baby (new arrive)
    T. montium female baby (new arrive)
  18. eisentrauti

    eisentrauti Avid Member

    Where are the deremensis :confused:;)
  19. jack29

    jack29 Member

    Shhhhhhhhhh it was a secret!!!! :)))))
  20. Nice collections.

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