My Trioceroes cristaus (Crested Chameleon) pair arrived today!!!!


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My Trioceroes cristatus (Crested Chameleon) pair arrived today!!!!

They got here at 8:30am on the dot! They look great!!! Much better than I even imagined. The male is a FLAWLESS sub-adult and the female is very pretty and gravid. I will snap some pics tonight or tom, they have been napping since they got here...

Any good links on specific care would be appreciated! They are in (separate) well planted, very humid, half screen/half plexi-glass enclosure that sits around 70-75 degrees. Seems to be ideal from what I have read. I am lacking info on supplement requirements.

Thanks to Chad from Tiki Tiki Reptiles for everything! I would highly recommended them to anyone! By far the best box/packing I have ever received.

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Now, I'm kicking myself for not getting some! :)

Looking forward to pics of your pair.. so I can kick myself in regret, some more!
Glad to hear you have a nice healthy pair. What was wrong with my packing job?

Thanks, nothing was wrong with your packing at all :D. He had a nice logo painted on the box and everything!

I'm getting ready to get some pics.
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