My setup and drainage (and of course my female veiled)


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Here is a picture of my cage and crude drainage system. I just used a plastic storage container. The back is cut to be flat. The front provides just enough of a lip to catch the water (the smaller this lip the better because of the lower door for cleaning).

I then put a small whole in the front middle.

The scraps I used to prop the cage up in the back a little so it would drain to the front.

Note: The container does not hold the entire cage. Just the front half or so. This is all that is needed as long as the cage is tilted.

Nothing fancy. Just a cheap and easy conversion for the standard screen cages.

Also of note: I am going to be putting the cage on something higher soon. Also I will be either getting a new fixture or maybe just using foil to direct the UVB into the cage.

And of course I gotta show you my girl. Got her one week ago from Blue Beast at the Annaheim show. They said she was about 3.5 months at the time.



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had no problems in the 3 days i have used it. as long as the cage is tilted slightly it should be fine. i also have my dripper set up so that is is near he front.
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