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Hi all I went with BEARDED PYGMY (Rieppeleon brevicaudatus)
I will be getting them this friday from eveything I found about them they are suposed to be very hardy and fairly easy to breed. I read these little guys use more of a teraruim set up rather then the open style.. JUNE2005
Wish me luck


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It looks good, the only things I would do is add more sticks of varying widths … brevs prefer sticks they can comfortably get their hands around and don’t seem to utilize anything much larger as in a stick they can completely hide behind. The sticks should be collected from the outside and prepared like the article mentions. That and I can still see your plant pots in the pictures which is no big deal but some terrarium moss from the craft store can hide them.

Just make sure you don’t over water the tank and make sure the tanks gets good airflow – an oscillating fan in the far corner of the room works well for that. Foliage should be completely dry prior to the next misting. Having the soil saturated all the way down into the draining layers should be avoided as well.

brevs prefer sticks they can comfortably get their hands around

Just a suggestion -
when I had my leaf chams I bought bunches of kiwi branches from a florist. They are narrow, have cool bendy shapes and twists and are not treated. Be sure to tell florist what you are using them for and that is important to know they have not been treated with anything, but it's a good idea to give them a soak in Nolvasan or other mild disinfectant and air/sun dry. If I can dig up some pics from their set up I'll post them.

Thanks all. there was no animals when I took the pictures I just set it up and was watering the plants and misting them.
Is that a cycas revoluta in the background? That is not a plant for this setup for 2 reasons. It will surely die due to the high humidity in the ground (they also need lower temperatures for a part of the year) and it also contains a toxic glucoside called to be avoided, both for the plant and the chams
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