My saltwater tanks (pics)


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Just wanted to show off my saltwater tanks, I currently have a 75 Reef with 2 clowns, sailfin tang, royal gramma, rittrie anemone, rose bubble anemone and corals; a 55 gallon seahorse and pipefish tank with 4 seahorses and 2 banded pipefish; and a 24 gallon nano-cube with a pair of pink skunk clowns and a long tentacle anemone.





These pics are kind of old, I have added to all of the tanks, I have the brighest green flowerpot coral I have ever seen I just added it a couple days ago, it is more neon then the green bubble coral and green candy cane coral in that last picture. I don't have any good pictures of the seahorses or pipefish, they always seem to come out blurry. If anyone on here has saltwater questions let me know and I might be able to help out.
Not right now, power went out cause of the ice storm. I had to take as much as I could to a buddies with a generator. I think by the time the power goes back on I will lose everthing left in the tanks.
I can sympathize with you there deadeye. We had a beautiful reef tank with many corals, snails, cleaner shrimp, a breeding pair of true percula clown fish and a breeding pair of bangai cardinals. When hurricane Isabelle hit the east coast a few years ago we lost power for 4 days and the whole tank died. Total was heart wrenching.
Yeah, I am at my Fiance's parents house and they have electricity atleast so we don't freeze, but the tanks last time I checked were 60 degrees and my rittirie anemone was about to fall off its rock.
How much lighting do you have? Must be quite a bit to keep a Rittirie that low in a tank. I struggle with my rose bulb anemones in a 55 gal with 160 watts.
Just be carefuly having that many different types of anemones in the same aquarium. Anemones can fight with each other indirectly via alleleopathy, which is the targeted release of chemicals to affect another species of anemone negatively, many times killing the targeted species. From your pic it looks like you have a carpet anemone, several long tentacle anemones, and a sebae anemone in the tank. I have also seen anemones uproot from their anchor spot, inflate with water, and literally chase other anemones around the tank, usually resulting with the more agressive one stinging the other to death. I reccommend keeping only one type of anemone per tank, but you can have multiple types of that species if you like. I.e. you can have rose bubble tip anemones (E. quadricolor) with other bubble tip colors, such as green brown, white, etc, and as long as they are all the same genus Entacmaea you will have no problems. Just a suggestion!

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