My Red Sea Max -Reef

Discussion in 'Other Reptiles And Pets' started by tkilgour, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. tkilgour

    tkilgour Member


    These reef tanks are addicting!
  2. Whatcamo

    Whatcamo New Member

    Looks like you have a good start to a great looking reef btw you don't have to tell me about them being addictive 200g total volume here lol
    Couple snaps for ya may we could trade corals for chameleon stuff lol

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  3. tkilgour

    tkilgour Member

    Wow, you have tons of coral!!!!! Awesome reef aquarium!
  4. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    They both look beautiful! I have a 25 gallon fresh water tank. I have always wanted salt water but with the price of some of those! I'll stick to the Angels and tetras! lol!
  5. amanda509

    amanda509 New Member

    wow! that is amazing! my parents had a saltwater tank with some tangs and a black clownfish, he was soo mean :/ they had tons of live rock and a couple times we had a fireworm outbreak and they killed most of the fish :( so they finally took it down and sold the fish and live rock..
  6. JackP308

    JackP308 Established Member

    They both look sweet, I couldn't put a reef in my apt . So I got addicted to reptiles. Soon Ill be moving to a house and setting up my 90, or 120 gallon .
  7. tkilgour

    tkilgour Member

    LOL, that is my problem with the black and white ocellaris clown. He only tolerates the other 2 clownfish, which is kind of odd. Everything says multiple clowns will fight, but these 3 get along like best friends. He will kill any other fish that I put in there. He has killed a royal gramma, and 3 chromis. So now this is just a coral/ocellaris tank.
  8. K9Luvn

    K9Luvn Established Member

    Awesome looking coral and fish!!! I just sold my 220 gallon and f1 Zaire Kapampa Frontosa last month.
  9. amanda509

    amanda509 New Member

    haha, ours killed two pajama fish and he picked on our normal clownfish so bad, it hid itself in a corner and died :(
  10. Olimpia

    Olimpia Biologist & Ecologist

    Awesome tanks! I've never been much of a fish person, although I had a really beautiful (if I do say so myself lol) freshwater tank, but I recently dated a marine biologist for a little that loved salt water tanks. So I got to watch him set up his 90gal tank with corals and fish, it was pretty neat. But then a disease hit and wiped out the tank, so I watched his horror as well. lol Poor guy, didn't sell me on the whole salt water tank idea, but they are beautiful.

    Good luck to everyone who is into this! I'll stick to my slightly less expensive hobby of cham keeping, though lol.
  11. JonRich

    JonRich New Member


    Here was my 40g breeder, de-rimed and drilled . It crashed lastyear while i was on vacation and i lost 70% of my SPS and LPS( i did like five 50% waterchanges and a 100% water chance the following week to try to get my parameters stable, but the damage was done) . i just broke it down and sold what i could. Only fish to die was a PowderBlue Tang and a pipefish. Oh and my Harley Shrimp and Clams too.

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  12. tkilgour

    tkilgour Member

    That is a sweet looking tank. I hate to hear when people's tanks crash, especially beauties like that. I have lost tons of great things too, but I keep coming back for more.
  13. JonRich

    JonRich New Member

    Yea. It's not a faint of heart hobby. lol

    It got very Tech fastt!!lol.

    I came back alright.With Chams!! lol. I still have a nano saltwater with micro fish and inverts.
  14. chamguy

    chamguy New Member

    Don't Clown Fish live in groups/schools??? I've heard of afew males living with a single dominant female. Once she dies, the next male up changes sexes into a female, correct me if I am wrong, I've never owned any fish above a platy or cat fish, ( although I have a pond full of comets lol)
  15. Hoj

    Hoj Friendly Grasshopper

    i recently set my GF up with a 29g freshwater tank, so far she has gotten 8 or so fish in there and as i learn more and the tank cycles ill be getting her some more.
    i find it pretty kool, but knowwhere as nice as these reef tanks you guys have.
    very beautifull!!

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