My pregnant females


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Well i orderd two gravid female jackson chameleons from a breeder.

problems i need help with

#1- The smaller female has a problem with her tongue, Whenever she opens up her mouth it just falls out and drops and she has troubel getting it back in her mouth.

#2- the bigger girl keeps breathing threw her mouth which i know is not a good sign.

I have a male jackson that i got over 4 months ago he is doing great, ive done alot of research but i cant figure out whats wrong with them.

The ups guy sat them in the snow which i cant believe because the box said "live animal must be kept in heat" they were really bad when i got them but i have babied them the past two days.

So if any one can give me advice on what to do that would be great
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vet.asap , the first female has as i believe a calcium shortage ,in order to have a normal tongue reflex she must have the richt calcium , mineral balance and the second one is sick probabely a cold (longue) , if you purchased them in that state you've bin ript of
Just a minute ago the bigger female fell tot he bottom she died :(, i ordered them from a breeder. Idk what to do. They were also kept in the same cage, so does that mean that the little one could now have the cold as well?
the little one definitely could have the same thing, i would take pictures of the dead female and the other females tongue problem and contact the breeder immediately. These animals sound like they were sent in terrible health and the shipping process probably only made these problems worse! how long was the package in the snow and were there heat packs in the package?
Yes i was worried about the shipping, we were home but the ups guy still sat them in the snow and im not sure for how long :(, There was a foot warmer but it was cold and so were the chameleons but they seemed to be doing ok after i got them warmed up, So for the tounge if it is a calcium problem, Could i buy some calcium spray or something? And if she does have the cold is there anything i can buy to help her. She seems to be doing ok except for the tounge issue
Pic of one of sick pregnant female, please help

The tongue issue could be from an injury or a calcium problem. The sick one could have a number of things. They don't really get colds... They get respiratory infections.

I can't really tell because your picture is blurry, but she looks thin to me.

No one but a vet can tell you what is really wrong. We can only offer advice.
How long have you had the Jacksons?
The female in the picture is real thin besides have the tongue issues. If you just received them, they should not have been shipped in those health conditions. If you recntly got them, contact the person you got them from.
looking at that picture i just realized the tongue was dangling out, it looks awful and i cant imagine she'll last long without intensive expert care... could you clarify for me, when did you receive them and did they look this badly when you first removed them from the box?? i ask because if you received them looking this badly you should very much try to get a refund/replacement!

ALSO i just noticed from the picture that it looks like you are keeping them in a horizontal fish tank style enclosure which, if you do some quick reading around here, is a death trap for most chameleons
How long have you had them and what are the temps in the tank? I agree, with her tongue hanging out she does not have a chance.
Just got back from petco,i went to get calcium spray and she didnt make it :(, We recived them the 23 and they were worse then started to improve and then they both passed today its been such a hard day. I got them off a breeder that posted a add on
Oh my-yes please check fauna classifieds. You can read all about it there. Sadly, I doubt you will ever get your money back.
Based on my research on that seller you will be lucky to ever get them on the phone AFTER a sale. Chalk it up as a loss and go on. If you want a healthy jackson then wait and buy one from a forum sponsor or a member.

I wanted a pair of parsonni that the same seller has been hawking on kingsnake. When I started reading about this seller I just kept on walking, its not worth the risk dealing with people that have no customer services after the sale. And they are strictly flippers and care more about the profits being generated than they do the animals in their care. ;) Sorry about your losses.

After much hassling, he has agreed to send me replacements they will be arriving int he morning. When i was dealing with he last to i spoke to a vet and she said that if they aren't doing well like the last two to spray vitamins and calcium directly on them. Im just afraid these ones will be sick like the others even though he assured me they wont be. It was so emotionally draining watching the last two suffer.
those poor little girls!! im sure you know this but you are more than likely dealing with w/c's. ive lost a few w/c females within a day of receiving them. females are extremely delicate in my eyes. get some reptaid, liquid calcium, pedialyte and a bunch of prayers!!
if they look malnourished could i spray they vitiams and calicum spray directly on them. the vet said it was fine but im unsure because i dont want to over do it
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