My Panther eats vegetables!!

Anthony Hendrick

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My Panther eats vegetables!!Is this ok?????

I offered my panther a shred of carrot 2 days ago and after looking at it for a while (I made him think it was alive!) he ate it and now he will eat them no problem, i think he really likes it actually.

The reason i'm surprised is because I was under the impression that panthers did not eat veg at all.

So is it dangerous to give him raw slices of veg??
I have given him 7 slivers of raw carrot (very thin shavings) so far in the last 2 days but I have stopped as I heard that it can bind with calcium and become indigestible or something crazy like that. He also took a small sliver of parsnip from me about an hour ago without much hesitation.

This is very odd to me as he is exactly three years old and previous attempts to give him raw veg were failures.

Any thoughts on feeding a panther veg and if it's ok to do so, what veg should I give him??
Most veileds and some panthers will eat fruits and vegetables. As long as you are giving small pieces and not over feeding it's good for your chameleon.
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