My Panther Chameleon's eggs are strange ?!

Jian Zhang

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My Panther chameleon laid the eggs 2 months ago.
I keep hatching them with 26°C .
But now I found some thing strange on their surfaces.
They don't like Veiled Chameleon's egg , the surfaces of Panther eggs are uneven, sags and crests. They are like some little tumours on the eggs.
I'd like to know is that anything wrong with my Panther's egg ?

Thank you for helping me ~

Jian Zhang

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Here is the picture of the eggs

Thanks for helping me.


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Hey Jian, those eggs are definitely not fertile. Fertile panther eggs are very similar to fertile veiled eggs. White, plump eggs, those look like they have begun to collapse and mold over.

EDIT: I just noticed, possibly what I assumed was mold was just staining on the eggs from the substrate they were laid in? However, I still have to assume those eggs are not fertile, just based off appearance.

Jian Zhang

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Thanks for reply ~
I read a book it says: infertile or dead eggs spoil rapidly(one week after oviposition or death). My panther eggs are still growing.
And the substrate I use in Panther eggs' container , is same as in veiled's.
the Veiled's eggs are normal. Why ?:confused:


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In the beginning, immediately after being laid, did the panther chameleon eggs look the same as the veiled chameleon eggs?


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I've had turtle eggs go for twice as long as the incubation period without deflating or molding but once opened up had nothing in them. The yellow coloration tends to be the biggest clue, and if they change shape. Like those are.


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The problem Jian, is that the eggs were not fertile when they were laid, therefor there was likely nothing wrong with your incubation method, just a bad batch of eggs. Good luck next time!
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