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He is here-and tiny! I guess when I heard Giant Madagascar I just thought he would be larger! And he is feisty. When I took the cup he was in out of the box he was puffing up and opening his mouth at me. Climbed right out on to my hand and then into his cage. Off to buy tiny crickets!

Grossly underated species.
I have a reasonable stable of these and there personalities are awesome.
I found with mine that they prefer to be misted several times a day.
I have a 75 litre automatic mister that starts at 09.00am and goes off every hour for 2mins until 17.00pm
I can't understand why (in europe anyway) they are not more popular.
When the females colour up they are lime green with white spots outlined in black,but when they are gravid, they are the most incredible greens and reds you could imagine.Then males i have are the usual brown and grey,but they all have red and yellow chins.
I have eggs that will have to be classed as CH.
My stock is WC,but once you establish them,they are very rewarding.
I have seen true CB,born and bred. Mr Rob Lane (UK)hatched them out about 2 years ago,i saw them at about 3 weeks old and they were awesome,so much so that it spurred me into getting my own group.
Thank you for all of the good wishes and a BIG THANKS to Mike at FL Chams for my both of my beautiful babies!
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Hey, I was thinking I saw a post somewhere asking about the different morphs of oustaleti but I can't find it now. There was a good article in The Vivarium about them, if you can find it, that has lots of pics of different localities. The largest ones are found on the west coast around Morondava. Also, here's a link to Adcham's page on the different morphs:
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