My new Nosy Be just arrived ..she's so pretty!

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The anxiety of having them shipped ..whatever they may be.. is pure torture, but this one nearly killed me! My first time shipping a Cham ..always picked up locally, before this one.

She's here! She doesn't look too worse for wear, except a little dehydrated. I've been maintaining the empty enclosure's humidity at 65-70%, so I just boosted it up after putting her in it a few minutes ago.

I'll let her settle in ..only going near when I need to peek at her temps and humidity.. and to mist again. I think the "leaving her alone to get settled" part is going to drive me nuts, but it's a must.

I'm excited.. yey!! :)


This pic is from the seller. I won't torture her with a photo shoot until she's really good and settled.
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What a pretty girly! I love yellow mouths :D A couple of mine have them, I love the random pop of color. Leaving them alone after they're gotten to you is worse even than waiting for the UPS truck! Congrats on the new addition!
Thank you, all! :)

Something just occurred to me.. since she's WC and she's an adult, it is probably safe to consider she "may" be gravid... no? I'm not at all hopeful of that, but I'd like to know what to look for ..just in case.

Can anyone suggest some links? I've been reading quite a bit on here, as well as, Cham E-zine and Adcham, etc. ...but I haven't seen many pics of gravid Nosy Be's.

Just trying to cover all bases..
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