My new male veiled


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I finally got a picture of my new male veil. He is 3.5 months old in this picture and already looks like his dad. His name is Osama. I am not that good with the camera. I keep trying to take pictures of my female but she is very elusive even though she is in a cage.
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Well kind of I guess. I am not that good with naming animals so I just looked for something easy. He is from the Mid-east and I only know a couple names used in those countries. My last male was named Muhhamed. I guess some people could be offened but Osama is as common over there as John is over here.
Ur male vieled look so colourful and he's only 3.5 months! I have a female vieled and she's six months now and she regularily stays her usuall green colour. Is this because she's female and should i begin seeing more colours soon?
The females will never get colors exactly like that. I bought my first female about a year ago she just stayed green for the first six or seven months. Then I noticed she started getting these copper stripes sometimes and baby blue dots. At about month ten she finally dropped her eggs. For the next couple of days she stayed dark and then went back to her green. I think they only really can show their colors after they start egg development and it goes away when the eggs do. She still got these colors when I got her mad trying to take her out of the cage. You can still see some colors when she is in her cage but it is way less dramatic. What they lack in colors they make up in with less aggression and they seem to be way craftier.
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