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Hi everyone,
Check out my new mom- to- be! She is from Mike at FLCHAMS.COM.
My biggest question is dealing with transfering the newborns to their nursery. What if she gives birth at night or when I'm at work??
p.s. I hope the picture comes through
picture working yet?

trying to learn how to add a picture


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She does have a horn. I was told she is a yellow stripe jackson from Africa. She is very gravid and round. I have all the newborn containers set up and I'm hoping for the best. The babys are so delicate. I raised one cluch years ago.
Well the horn on the females really kind of depends on what sub species it is.

C.j.Jacksonii have developed rostal horns and in some cases can have fully developed preocular horns. The preocular are to my understanding usually absent.

C.j.meromontana have developed rostal horns but usually lack the preocular horns.

C.j.xantholophus lack preocular horns. Can develop rostal horns but are usually greatly reduced in size compared to a male.

In any event she looks pretty good in the photo. I would just make sure she is feed well. You should have a window before she would go after them I would think.
Mine gave birth at sunrise. I hope you have the same good fortune.

[8 live born, one still born. I kept counting them to make sure they didn't hide somewhere in the over-sized cage.]

Best of luck!

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