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Well, I did it. I went and got another chameleon ... hopefully this time things will go better, and I will have learned much more and can properly take care of him. This time I got a boy, he is a veiled chameleon and I named him "Hermie". He's still a baby ... but man is he a little hellion! Very, very different from Corey the female that I had before.

A few quick questions.
Right now he is eating about 5-7 medium crickets in the morning, 3-5 meal worms in the afternoon and 5-7 medium crickets in the evening... does this sound like it's enough for him? I'm not sure of his exact age, but he is about 4 inches long. Corey used to eat a lot more than that, so I was a little surprised. I always try to leave two crickets roaming in his cage so that he has something to snack on if he decideds that he gets hungry.
The other question is in regards to temps. During the day I have a temperature gradient set up that goes from 90-92 on the hot end to 70 on the cold end. He spends most of his time in an area that I would bet is about 85. At night I worry about him, bc our house gets cold in my opinion. The thermastat says that it's 72 but I would say more like 68. Is this too cold for him? I have been turning on a ceramic heat lamp at one end so that he has a choice, (the temp gradient would be like 80 hot and 70 cold then), and he always goes under the heat lamp ... but I've read that they need to cool down at night so I am confused about that.

He's already prooving to be a little brat ... I let him out and he managed to climb a piece of furniture first try (not high off the ground) that corey NEVER was able to get even though she was probably a good 4 times his size, and tried all of the time to get. He is much more active in general though, but not as people social as she was.
Hello Jam

The amount you are feeding him sounds ok, although I might add a little more variety. If he is only a baby, medium sized crickets might be large for him. It is even more important to ensure he is getting enough water to drink.

Your lower night temperatures should be ok for a Veiled as long as he can warm up in the morning.
Congratulations on your new cham, glad you decided to take another go at it. I am pretty sure that veileds need a higher basking temperature than you are providing. I thought it was 95-100? Your night time temperature drop should be fine, and I would skip the ceramic.

For night time temps, I have heard and use about 60 degrees, whatever my really cold room is :). It has gotten down to 48 when the heater broke, but that was only one night and he was perfectly fine the next morning.
I have read that they need the cooler temps at night- does anyone know physiologically why? I know it would slow down their metabolic rate and lower the body temp, but why is that important with Chams? I am asking for more of a scientific answer if anyone knows (that's the biologist in me). I want to find the reason why guidelines for any animals are set that way. Some I have found with care to just be "the way things were always done" and really had no purpose at all.
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