my new cham not sure of name yet

female hmmm so thats cool how long until shes ready to have babies how old is she when should i mate her when should i put dirt for eggs in WOMEN!!!!!! HELP:confused::confused:


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Congrats on the new cham! :D

You'll want to read this if you have a female:

You shouldn't breed her until she's over a year old, in my opinion. It's better for her body to wait until SHE's finished growing, before she has to work on growing some fertile eggs. However, breeding is very taxing on their bodies, you might end up with 30-60 hatchlings, raising lots of hatchlings for 2-3 months is a several thousand dollar endevour, and veiled hatchlings are hard to sell from what I hear. So there's a lot I recommend you read and investigate while she grows before you even consider breeding her.
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