My New Cham is finally here!


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He's such a cutie.. If I only I could come up with a name.. :p


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Grats on the little guy! :D Cute! And yes, the name will come with the time... when i got my cham, 2 weeks ago, i wasnt sure about the name...
Good luck! :)


All my chams took a while to name except for my first Ambiole he was mean as sin and bit the heck out of me. So I named him after a hockey enforcer Wade Belak. Didn't even make it home before he got the name. On the flip side the cham I've had the longest still doesn't have a name. Good luck with the little guy.


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what does local mean?

Panthers get their "local names" from the villages in madagascar they lived around. So, for example: Sambava, Nosy Be, Ambanja, Ambilobe (red/blue barred), Nosy Mitsio, Nosy Faly, Tamatave, Diego Suarez etc... They all have different coloration: Nosy Be is gonna be blue, red barred Ambilobe is gonna be greenish with red bars on him. On the females its not so exspressed, but the males have gorgeous colorations :)
Hope it helps :D
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