My New "Big-Boy" Cage!! :)

Well, we finally finished remodeling the rickety old cage that I bought on Tuesday. I'm really happy with how it turned out!! My boyfriend worked day and night on this thing until it was went from being MY project to his...which I think is so cute, considering about 6 months ago he was totally creeped out by the idea of a chameleon living here. He said he would never touch it, he didn't want it to crawl on him, he hates crickets, etc.etc.etc... NOW, it's a totally different story! He loves this little guy just as much as I do...he holds him, he lets him crawl on him, he spends hours on end re-building this cage, he hand-feeds him's just so neat how these little creatures can make their way into any heart! :) are some before and after pictures!

This is the basic cage before we started re-doing it. The guy said he built it in about 6 hours, so it was pretty wobbly and unstable. Also, the door was too heavy and would tip the cage over when it was opened. It has the same base dimensions as that of a 40 gallon breeder, and the previous owner had built this cage around one. It sat under the screened in part, and contained cyprus mulch, a water dish, and some live plants. It was kinda dirty looking and Im not sure if the mulch was ever changed...I took that out right away...I'll save that tank for a different reptile! :)

Here is the finished project as I was decorating the inside. Apparently, Elmer didn't think it was big enough...he climbed around on the top the whole time! :)

Here is a picture of the bottom. Im planning on drilling a hole in the bottom of that rubbermaid tote, and sealing the sides with something to prevent water damage.

And that's it! :)


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I like your idea with the wire shelving top for the lights and such so it doesnt sit on the cage wire... the bottom is also a good call, I would put another board across the front and silicone the edges to "glue" the bin in place as well as seal it, looks very nice and black seems to work good for your cage and the room its in...
Thanks guys! Yeah, I got the idea for the top from a friend who has a bearded dragon. Her dad made her a cage so she was having a hard time finding a top that fit it, so she used one of those. I figure it lets light in really well, I can hang my hanging pothos from it, the cham can climb on it if he wants, and i can clamp lights on it too.


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I like it! I need to get a hanging pothos for Clyde. That UV light is gi-normous! Need to get one of those too, but then my cage isn't that long ;)
The tallest one on the left is a schefflera (umbrella plant) then there is a ficus on the right. The one that is hanging on the left is a pothos, and the rest are just artificial vines and foliage that I got from the pet store.


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Very nice setup!! Well thought!! Quick questions (as I am going to build my own as well):

1) What type of screen is that? and
2) Where did you get it?

Thanks!!! Again, great job!!


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Thanks for the reply. I just came from Home Depot and noticed that they also have this PetScreen version. Seemed thicker...

Any comments on the difference(s) between these two types?


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I actually bought and use the Petscreen stuff. Works really well. I was concerned about not being able to see Clyde through it, but its no problem whatsoever. The only issue I had is when I put it on the enclosure. Make sure you pull TIGHT when you staple it down. It does have a tendency to stretch slightly. So if you plan on attaching vines to it, make sure its really secure.

I don't use it for the roof though. I was concerned about the material filtering out the UV. Plus since it does give a bit, I didn't want it to get slack or sag. I use a 1/8 mesh out of a different material.


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That's good information.

I have been reading these threads here for the last 4 days!! And I still don't have a good answer on which screen to go with...

1) Aluminum/Metal: will wear off the toes

2) Fiberglass: crickets will chew through

3) Pastic: not strong enoug to hang stuff

4) Too big holes: crickets go through

I am dying to start building but this decision making is terrible!!!

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