my new baby


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I just got my first chameleon! little rampage, hes a panther. i was just wondering should i be handling him alot or should i let him be? hes only 2 months old.would that just stress him out to much?


i would try and keep it to a minimum, like for regular cage cleaning and whatnot...its hard to sometimes because its fun to handle them usually, but better safe than sorry
I usually do the 2 week period to acclimate and get use to their new environment, when i get a new baby chameleon. when you do put him back in the cage i suggest put him on the ground and let him climb back up to his perches on his own my baby veiled and panther i once let walk back on the vine they got too excited and fell 2 inches so I now just let them walk off my hand on the ground so they can walk up on thier own and not worry about losing foot holds on the branches.
He looks pretty big for two months. Congrats. Can't wait to see what he turns out like. What locale, and sire?
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