My new baby Veiled Chameleon won't eat!


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Maybe I'm worrying too soon, but I got my 1-2 month old chameleon two days ago, but he won't eat anything! I've tried feeding him crickets, and he just looks at it! Maybe they're too big, but the pet shop said that they would be small enough. I believe the cricket size is 1/4", but I'm possibly thinking that I should have ordered pinhead crickets. He's a very vibrant green, so I don't think he's sick. I must be doing something wrong. Any help?


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It can take them a few days to settle in so don't worry yet. To judge the size of feeder insect he can eat, it should not be wider than the space between the eyes. My panther was about as big as my thumb when I got him and he ate 1/4inch crix. It might be a good idea to go to the health forum and fill out the how to ask for help form. If you got your chameleon care info from the pet store most of it is probably wrong. The form addresses housing, watering, feeding and supplements. Answer it as thoroughly as you can and that way any incorrect information can be corrected!


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Hello and welcome to the forums! You will find endless useful information on this site.

As said before, it is usual for a chameleon to refuse food as it is taking time to settle into a new environment. That can be pretty stressful.

Here is the forum's care sheet for veiled chameleons:

Take a look over that sheet and answer the question, "Is my chameleon being cared for properly in the right set-up?"

If you're not sure, or even if you are, it might even be a good idea to fill out the "How to ask for help form" located here:

You can just copy and paste it into this thread and fill it out, provide some photos. Hope this helps!
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